I am an entrepreneur hell-bent on escaping the rat-race and obtaining financial freedom (more emphasis on freedom than financial :p)

To me, the pinnacle of entrepreneurship is no longer being paid by time/hours.

Being able to make money while you are asleep/awake/having dinner/etc. is the long-term objective, which can also be summed up this way:

Your income does NOT go on vacation when you do.

This blog will document my journey and see if I make it, but above all, what I learn along the way. 

It could be that I may never make it.

I may fail repeatedly until my last breath.

I may not even live long enough to realize that goal, people may make fun of me, and some won’t even understand what I’m trying to accomplish…

But that is okay…one thing is for sure: I will NEVER stop trying 💪



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